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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Final Year Project...

Pejam celik..pejam celik..im already faced the final year of my degree life..phewww.. :(
i should be hepi..tapi well..sriusly sngt tnsion... T_T 

Benda xkn jdi tension mane klau ak da dpt plih tjuk PSM kot... 2weeks are given to choose the title..

seminggu da pn berlalu, n sekarang aku makin konfius... :( what should i do...

ada 3 tajuk and 2 different lecturers yang style pun mesti laen2..

1. Attitude control of Quad-rotor
2. PSpHT System striding Pattern and control
3.  Precision control and multi-legged robot joint

all of it berkaitan robotics and unmanned system... i luv all of it... tpi which one is better n will help me one day... warghh!!  i do really need help to choose one of this..